Carbon-free ammonia production

Aurora, Etats-Unis

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Starfire Energy is developing modular, flexible process to turn air, water, and clean electricity into ammonia (NH3). Ammonia liquefies when pressurized to 10 bar or chilled to -33 C. In liquid form, it is more hydrogen dense than even liquid hydrogen. It is carbon-free, so when it is used as a fuel in internal combustion or fuel cell applications, it has no CO2 emissions. Ammonia can serve as an energy-dense liquid fuel for a zero-emission hydrogen-based economy.

Starfire Energy has incorporated two EL 2.0 units into a prototype 10 kg/day ammonia production system that it is using to refine its ammonia production technology. The system takes nitrogen from the air, hydrogen from water, and turns them into ammonia that is stored as a pressurized liquid. Starfire will be scaling this technology up to 0.1 tonne/day and 1 tonne/day pilot plants to pave the way to mass production of 50 tonne/day commercial modular plants.

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Starfire Energy

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