Enapter Expands 2021 Advisory Board

Four further advisors appointed following 2020 inaugural board

18. mai 2021

Heidelberg (May 18, 2021); Enapter announces the appointment of four additional advisors to its Advisory Board for 2021, who will join two returning advisors from last year’s inaugural board. They will guide the growing company on strategic and operational management, as well as R&D. Enapter is preparing to build its first mass-production facility, iterate on its patented AEM Electrolyser technology and significantly expand its team. Newly joining Enapter as advisors on its green hydrogen journey are a private equity investor, an international business consultant, a physicist-turned-founder and a founder-turned-investor. 

The Advisory Board is now comprised of six individuals: 

Elaine Wong 

Elaine Wong has over 20 years of experience building companies in the US and Asia. As a private equity investor, she has helped build, fund and take companies public in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Frankfurt, and New York. She is based in Hong Kong and is a co-founder of Hydrogen Capital Partners and HAO Capital. Some of her biggest accomplishments include helping payment processor PAX expand internationally and go public, and supporting the growth and development of radiopharmaceutical company AMS. Elaine graduated from MIT with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and has an MBA from Stanford University.  

“I am really excited about Enapter’s product and approach to market. Their compact modular electrolysers enable rapid, simple, and cost-effective hydrogen production anywhere. I believe their focus on making it easy for end customers will serve hydrogen applications today, but also have the potential to spur innovative applications in the future.” 

Udo Filzmaier 

Udo Filzmaier is owner and CEO of SIE Group, which manages a global family of companies that supply electronics solutions, components and services for applications in global medical, government, security and industrial markets. He founded SIE in 1994 in Lustenau, Austria. In later years, locations in Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the USA followed. As education spokesman for the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, he is highly committed to digitalisation and education. In recent years, Udo started to focus and invest into his true passion: renewable energy. 

“The path Enapter is taking to mass production is something I have experienced myself. I believe that Enapter should continue at speed: The world needs to act fast to reduce CO2 emissions. Products and technologies like this that will change the future are my passion.” 

Prof. Hubert Gasteiger 

Hubert Gasteiger is a professor at TUM (Technical University of Munich), where he founded and leads the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry, focusing on lithium-ion batteries as well as PEM fuel cell/electrolyser research. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley and held positions at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Ulm University. Over 10 years, he led the stack materials development for hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles at General Motors/Opel in the US. In 2007, he joined Acta S.p.A. (Italy), the predecessor of Enapter, as Director of Catalyst Technology. He was a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working with Prof. Yang Shao-Horn, and is a highly-cited researcher, having published > 200 refereed articles, written 15 book chapters, and been named in 38 patents/patent applications. 

“The chemists at Enapter say that if I was not in Italy in 2007, the AEM electrolyser technology at their company might never have been started. I am keen to see where this technology goes. Many things at Enapter take different approaches – in science and with business models. I am happy to have regular scientific exchange with them”. 

Boris Tatievski  

Boris Tatievski is an Advisory Board member of the enterprise group MonArch and Executive Board member of BIZOL Germany GmbH. A passionate physicist with a Master’s Degree from Freie Universität Berlin, he received an executive MBA at Kennesaw State University and finished the International Directors Program (IDP) at INSEAD. He is the Founding CEO of Bosger Holding GmbH, Autobooking 24/7 GmbH, BITA Trading GmbH and Bizol Germany GmbH, and created BIZOL in 1998 to develop products that provide the best possible protection for cars. It is active in more than 70 markets worldwide. He is also a member of FBN (Family Business Network). 

“I strongly believe that Enapter’s mantra “Urgency, Simplicity and Transparency” is absolutely the right attitude for today, and I am glad to support them. All leaders in companies should understand that we are the ones who can make decisions and take responsibility for the next generations.” 

Oswald Werle

Oswald Werle is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of the Alpega Group, Luxembourg. He started his career at Gebrüder Weiss, the world’s oldest transport and logistics company. After serving as CIO, he founded inet-logistics GmbH, which became one of the few leading global suppliers for cloud-based Transportation Management Software. He ran the company as CEO for 20 years, becoming heavily involved in the expansion to Asia. Oswald led the M&A process in selling inet. He is an alumnus of the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and UC Berkeley (USA). 

“What got me really excited was the huge potential in renewable energy, and especially Enapter’s vision to produce green hydrogen that is price competitive with fossil fuels. I am happy to support Enapter in creating and securing a sustainable and highly reliable supply chain.” 

Christof Winker 

Christof Winker is a business consultant in the field of IoT analytics and prediction. A former professor in digital media communication at the University of Furtwangen, he was also the CEO of WINBOX AG from 2003-2017 and built strong business relationships with Microsoft in Redmond. As the CEO of WINBOX, he managed to build a substantial customer base in Asia, specifically in Taipei. He presently works with three different companies in consultancy and active roles – AXON Networks (USA), Virtual Eye (Germany) and Eures (Germany). 
“For me, the idea of compact, scalable hydrogen electrolysers is the key. Fast innovation will help Enapter reach critical cost reduction faster than others!” 

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About Enapter 

Enapter is an award-winning company producing highly-efficient hydrogen generators based on Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis technology. Its patent-protected modular technology has a 10-year track record and allows for the mass production of low-cost, plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen at any scale. They are used in 34 countries, in sectors like energy, mobility, industry, heating and telecommunications. Enapter has offices in Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia.  


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