Dutch energy company orders megawatt-class electrolyser

Enapter's megawatt-class electrolyser is to be delivered to the Netherlands in the fourth quarter of 2023.

13. janvier 2023

Berlin, 13 January 2023. Enapter AG (ISIN: DE000A255G02) has received another order for the delivery of an AEM Multicore via its sales and integration partner Adsensys. Enapter’s megawatt-class electrolyser is to be delivered by Adsensys to a Dutch energy company in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The energy company is a supplier of fuels to B2B customers and operates a significant number of retail stations. Its goal is to create a network of hydrogen filling stations, including production of its own green hydrogen. Adsensys, as a long-term project partner of Enapter, is handling the entire integration process of the AEM Multicore at a hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands. In the past Adsensys has already implemented a hydrogen CHP plant for a residential complex in Rozenburg, the Netherlands.

The AEM Multicore is a cost-effective alternative to traditional megawatt-class electrolysers. This electrolyser can produce around 450 kilograms of green hydrogen per day. By using several AEM Multicores in parallel, it is also possible to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale in the multi-megawatt range.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter: “Especially in the transport sector, the potential for the use of green hydrogen is huge. We are pleased to be able to contribute directly to the decarbonization of road transport with our application-agnostic technology. Our Multicore technology in particular can efficiently and cost-effectively produce the desired quantities of green hydrogen on a large scale on site. This allows the energy from solar and wind power to be stored for later use.”

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