We Grew to 100 – Let’s Take a Look at the Diversity at Enapter

Today, we welcomed our employee 100. While a group picture might not be the best idea at the moment, we thought of one way to show some Enapter colors. With 15 nationalities and mixed backgrounds, the time has come to introduce some of our co-workers. Our cognitive, cultural, age and gender diversity is our weapon to fight climate change.

27. août 2020

12 of 100

12 of 100:


I am Ella, I am an engineer at Enapter and one of the first two members of the Berlin team.  I came to Enapter straight out of university. It was both full of challenges and of people believing in me to grow and to learn from these challenges. This gave me a lot of freedom and responsibilities from the start. In the beginning, I worked on hydrogen storage and refueling projects, since then, I moved more into product development. Before joining Enapter, I participated in a youth exchange with Brazil, lived in China for a year and studied in Germany and Namibia, so I enjoy the international and diverse team I work with now.


I am Carlo, I am Argentinian and Italian. After obtaining my doctorate in chemistry at the University of Oxford, I undertook post-doctoral research in environmental chemistry in Antarctica. That was when I first came across the use of solar-wind-powered microgrids in remote locations. I then joined Enapter, where I work on process optimisations for the chemical production and stack production divisions. The work allows me to be surrounded by motivated international colleagues who are all focused on providing the best and cleanest technology for hydrogen generation, and thus for a world free from fossil fuels.


I am Flora, I was born in Italy, near the Lake of Bolsena. I studied in Perugia and also in Germany for some months. I joined Enapter just after completing my master’s course, when there were only a few people on the engineering team. I was one of the first engineers on the R&D team in Pisa. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to give my absolute commitment every day to a company that, contrary to many others, fights for a cleaner world. For me, the work at Enapter is a real opportunity to contribute to the great challenge of creating a sustainable world.


I am Holger, I have a PhD in physics and spent most of my working career at a multinational corporation. I did not feel ready for retirement and could not sit at home, knowing climate change would impact us all. I am working on scaling Enapter’s systems and production facilities to a point where the hydrogen economy becomes a reality. I can share my experience with lots of enthusiastic colleagues from diverse backgrounds in Pisa and elsewhere. At Enapter, we are on a mission, and I can contribute to it. For me, this is so much more than just work!


I am Tatyana, I was born and raised in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, near the biggest lake in the world – Lake Baikal. I then moved to Saint-Petersburg to study at the State Polytechnic University. There, I discovered my favorite subject: embedded system programming. After graduating, I applied to Enapter’s office manager position. However, my future colleagues suggested that I try the junior QA engineer role. I joined in early 2020, my daily tasks include testing the mobile app, device firmwares, universal control modules and developing 3rd party device integrations using the Enapter SDK. Every day, I got to learn something new from wonderful people.


I am Sean, I was born in Miami, Florida, as a first-generation American. My father is from the Dominican Republic, and my mother was Scottish. I attended Tufts University on a Questbridge full-ride scholarship, where I studied engineering physics. As a promise to my mother, I oriented my studies and professional work to the development and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future. I joined Enapter in 2018 to work on theoretical modeling, experimental validation, and overall improvement of our AEM electrolysers. Enapter gives me the unique opportunity to continually push the boundaries of R&D in the field while implementing these critically important technologies in the industry.


I am Vaitea, I was born in New Caledonia, and I hold a French passport. I grew up in Washington DC, went to university in Montreal, and lived in Chiang Mai. I am with Enapter since the very first day: I am proud to be one of the founders. Today, I work from our Berlin office and work in communications and marketing. For me, the work at Enapter is an exciting challenge every day. I am driven by solutions that preserve our biodiversity. Climate change requires us to act urgently – not to act out of guilt or greed, but with compassion for this same planet each of us comes from. I believe green hydrogen is one way to sustain our 21st-century lifestyle but in a much more conscious way.


I am Raafat, I was born and grew up in Syria from an Iraqi father and a Syrian mother. Now, I am a refugee in Italy. When I joined Enapter three years ago, they welcomed me, and I felt home again. I now have the chance to prove that immigrants can make a positive impact in their communities and everywhere else in the world. Enapter was always more than a job for me since I got the opportunity to prove myself. It gives me the hope of a better future for myself, my family and the next generations of refugees like me. Stay tuned and follow Enapter on social media, because Enapter will rock your future!


I am Pearl, I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I hold a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. I started my career as a data analyst for a digital marketing company, where I developed a passion for working around data and analysing where it can be optimised. In early 2020, I joined Enapter. I’m working on mining, analysing and visualising data for the organisation. Working at Enapter provides me with lots of challenges and great working culture. I’m thankful to be working in such an awesome team!


I am  Rakesh, I was born and brought up in India. I pursued my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and worked for a few years for CNC machine manufacturers. Due to the depletion of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which have negative effects on the environment, I wanted to contribute to the strong search for alternative fuels that arose all over the world. On my search for hydrogen-based companies, after completing my master’s in Italy, Enapter got my attention. I am working in Pisa as a production engineer since 2019, developing the production system, ramping up from prototype to pre-series. I work on reducing the cost and the time it takes to build a system by improving our production efficiency. Although I am far from my family, my colleagues became my friends, and I feel home again!


I am Jingwen, I was born and raised in China. I moved to Berlin to continue my studies in polymer science, and eventually received a PhD degree in applied physics. After dedicating four years to fundamental research in the lab, I realised that I want to be closer to the action in our battle with the ongoing climate crisis. This is why I joined Enapter as an academic ambassador. Here, I can bring the most cutting-edge technology directly to our society and really change we live. I feel energised by working with many talented people at Enapter towards the common goal of a green future.


I am Max, I was born in Germany and grew up in Thailand. Before I joined Enapter, I was doing a PhD at the University of Surrey on hybrid space propulsion. Since I joined Enapter as the lucky #13 employee, I had a lot of fun applying myself in an industrial setting. Nowadays, my main tasks include providing technical customer support whilst working in our R&D test area. My proximity to our deployed system helps me to quickly deliver quality feedback to our product development teams. Enapter is much more than simply a workplace for me; it drives me to keep growing in an environment with a diverse group of people, who share my belief that green hydrogen can save the world. Here, I have made great friends, have many opportunities to apply myself and can contribute to the hydrogen revolution. Here, I am home.

This is just a handful of our stories. Each of us has different journeys to share. What unites us, no matter the nationality, gender, or age, is our vision of a world where fossil fuels are no longer burnt.