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Replacing natural gas with green hydrogen for industrial ovens

Tilburg, Netherlands

The Dutch company Roto-Art is a manufacturer of customer-specific plastic products using rotational casting in its 11 ovens. With 1,600 solar panels on the roof of their new factory, they generate four megawatts of power on a sunny day. To replace as much natural gas as possible, they decided to start a pilot project using excess renewable energy to produce onsite green hydrogen. Certified partner Adsensys stepped in to support, integrating a cabinet that contains seven of Enapter’s AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0s.

Thanks to the Adsensys cabinet, Roto-Art already blends more than 30% of green hydrogen into the natural gas network to supply one oven in this pilot. Step by step, more green H2 is being added to replace natural gas and significantly lower Roto-Art’s CO2 emissions. With each increase, the furnaces and the end product are monitored to establish the maximum amount of hydrogen that can be injected without decreasing the product quality and without damaging the furnace. The goal is to go up to 100% H2. Roto-Art’s rooftop PV even has enough capacity to supply all the ovens with green hydrogen.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 7 x EL 4.0
Photovoltaic 17.5 kW (Peak)
Final delivered pressure 180mbar
Other components Two stage pressure reducing, mass flow hydrogen controller, Adsensys hydrogen injection and static mixing
Operational since 2023
Energy Management System Enapter EMS Toolkit
Partner Adsensys