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Protein creation with gas fermentation


Deep Branch uses a gas fermentation process to create single-cell protein that does not require arable land. The process only uses microbes, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen and micronutrients – all readily available resources – plus a small amount of water. There are abundant supplies of the main ingredient CO₂, which they source from industrial partners as a by-product, making their production more resource-efficient than traditional agriculture.
Another key input used in their process is green hydrogen. To sustainably source it in real-time for their Mobile Pilot Unit at the Port of Rotterdam, their system draws on Enapter’s AEM electrolyser technology. This has allowed them to “achieve fast and cost-effective on-site deployment of our gas fermentation technology and continue our work towards building a more sustainable food industry”.

With continuous production and reduced carbon intensity of over 60% compared to conventional proteins, Deep Branch can be pivotal in supporting a food system that puts sustainability and food security at its core.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 2.1
Operational since 2023
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