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H2-Grid for Industrial Energy Independence

Kiel, Germany

Hensoldt Nexeya France is a provider of electronics solutions and services for industrial customers, and they now offer the H2-Grid: a containerised, standalone and turnkey solution for green hydrogen production, storage and electricity production. It enables remote sites to achieve energy self-sufficiency, provide green emergency backup power, or can form part of a district- or building-level energy loop to offer a range of services, such as smart energy management, peak shaving, and hydrogen refueling for light mobility.

Built in a standard 20ft ISO container, the system provides short-term battery storage of up to 96 kWh from a surplus of renewable energy, while our AEM Electrolysers produce up to 4Nm3/hr (20kW) of green H2, that can be stored over several months in a 34kg storage at 500bar. Fuel cell technology with a capacity of up to 60kW can then reconvert the H2 back into green electricity. The H2-Grid is very adaptable to field limitations and meets the constraints of challenging external conditions like tropical or cold climates, saline environments, or windy areas – and it can be transported by helicopter.

Parent company and sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT has inaugurated their pilot plant for the production and storage of green hydrogen at its site in Kiel. The company expects this to establish the energy independence of an entire industrial site and allow them to demonstrate their expertise in hydrogen. The new facility includes both the H2-Grid and Hensoldt Nexeya France’s Hydrogen High Density Storage (H2DS).

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 8 x EL 4.0
Storage 34kg at 500 bar
Short-term battery storage 96 kWh
Fuel Cell 60kW
Partner Hensoldt Nexeya

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