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H2 energy storage for backup/distributed power generation

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd., based in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, has deployed one of its first AEM Electrolyser projects at The National Formosa University. The purpose of the project is to pilot and demonstrate the utilisation of renewable energy, green hydrogen and fuel cell power generation to support the future scale-up of backup and distributed power generation applications.
Powered by two small wind turbines, an AEM Electrolyser system produces onsite green hydrogen once the battery as a short-term storage is fully loaded. An Enapter dryer ensures fuel cell grade H2 purity of 99.999%.
The produced hydrogen is then stored at the electrolyser’s outlet pressure of up to 35 bar and can be converted back into electricity using a 5kW fuel cell. Kaori’s system can be controlled via local HMI but also remotely. It was assembled and fully functioning within one week.

Kaori is a leading global brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturer, which has also specialised in H2 generation reactors, purification and power generation system integration since 2008.


Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 4
Dryer 1 x DRY 2.1
H2 Storage 40 l cylinder * 12pcs = 18.24 Nm3 capacity
Storage pressure up to 38 bar
Battery system 30kW Lithium battery + Carbon Lead 17AH/12V
Fuel cell 5 kW
Source of energy PV: 9 kWp, Wind turbine: 3 kWp
Energy Management System Customized by Kaori
Operational since February 2024
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