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Green H2 system to investigate smart grids

Pamplona, Spain

The Spanish company H2Vector develops hydrogen batteries – power-to-power applications aiming to manage renewable energy surpluses. This particular project deploys the certified Enapter partner’s smallest hydrogen battery unit, the Vector 10, in Pamplona, Spain, where the AIN (Navarre Industry Association) technology center develops innovative technologies for industry transfer.  The system draws on Enapter’s AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 in combination with renewable solar power from a 6.57 kwP PV system. The onsite green hydrogen can then be stored at 200barg via a 50l tank and another 150l can be stored at the electrolyser’s output pressure of up to 35barg. The system is completed with second-life electrochemical batteries and a 5.8kW fuel cell to reconvert the hydrogen to electrical power.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 4.0
H2 storage 50 liters at 200 barg and 150 liters at 35 barg
Storage pressure 200 barg and 35 barg
Photovoltaic (PV) 6.57 kWp (Peak Power)
Batteries 12 kWh at 6 kW (second-life electrochemical batteries)
Operational since 2023
Partner H2 Vector

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