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Development of megawatt-scale AEM Electrolysers

Saerbeck, Germany

Enapter’s AEM Nexus is the world’s first megawatt-class AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen. The prototype of this MW-scale electrolyser is running in Saerbeck, Germany at the Bioenergiepark, where on-going testing aims to optimise its operating concept throughout 2023. In parallel, Enapter is focusing on the construction of the first commercial AEM Multicore systems, with pre-series maturity expected to be reached from 2024.

With the inauguration and testing of this containerised electrolyser, the HY-Core project with FH Münster which has driven its development has reached the final phase and is approaching its final goal: “identifying technical optimisation potential and enabling series production of AEM electrolysers on a megawatt scale. » The green hydrogen produced by the first AEM Nexus will initially be used by the FH Münster for testing different H2 applications as part of HY-Core, and later as part of the energy system of the Enapter Campus production and R&D site.

The AEM Nexus is a cost-effective alternative to conventional megawatt-class electrolysers. It features 420 core modules – “AEM stacks”. These are combined into a total system that can produce around 450 kilogrammes of green hydrogen per day with a purity of 99.999 percent. By scaling up many small units into one large system, Enapter can significantly reduce the cost of green hydrogen.

Electrolyser (AEM multi-core) 1 x AEM Nexus
Operational since 2023
Partner FH Münster

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