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Hydrogen R&D for Taiwan’s renewable energy goals

Tainan, Taiwan

Taiwan wants to become less dependent on fossil fuels and is therefore investing in the expansion of renewable energy. Located in Tainan, the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City plays a key role in the country’s ambitious plans. On a 7.44ha-sized site, they will provide clean energy supply, management, dispatch, and smart energy-saving systems and interfaces to build a demonstration site as a national green energy technology model. Within this facility, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)has a research building with a 1MWp photovoltaic system. ITRI is dedicated to research and development in various interdisciplinary fields related to hydrogen energy production and application. Together with our local Taiwanese partner Hephas Energy, we have installed 20 AEM EL 4 electrolysers with a capacity of 50kW. Powered by excess solar energy, ITRI produces onsite green hydrogen in a containerised solution.

The H2 is then stored at the electrolyser’s output pressure of 35bar in their 500Nm³ storage tanks. Thanks to five of Enapter’s dryers, ITRI uses the green hydrogen with 99.999% purity for research and development in fuel cell technology. Since one of the developmental goals is to implement a smart power dispatching system for the various clean energy components in the project, we’re happy to contribute to this with our in-house energy management system (EMS) toolkit.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 20 x EL 4
H2 storage 500 Nm³
Storage pressure 35 bar
Photovoltaic (PV) 1MWp
Dryer 5 x DRY 2.1
Water Tank 5 x WT 2.1
Operational since 2022
Partner Hephas Energy