Three more AEM Multicores sold, new partners join the fold

As promised, 2023 is getting off to a busy start with big sales, a growing network of integration partners and plenty of new dates to add to the calendars.

February 7, 2023

Dear friend of Enapter, 

As promised, 2023 is getting off to a busy start with big sales, a growing network of integration partners and plenty of new dates to add to the calendars. Let’s get started with the big news:

Three Multicores sold to The Netherlands and South Korea  

The year started off with a bang with the confirmed sale of one AEM Multicore MW-scale electrolyser via our Dutch sales and integration partners Adsensys. This will be one of the first AEM Multicores to be built, and is planned to be delivered by Adsensys to a Dutch energy company in Q4, 2023. 

Then just last week, Enapter won a major order together with our South Korean integration partners YEST: Two AEM Multicore megawatt-class electrolysers will be used in a 12.5 MW hydrogen pilot project on Jeju Island, South Korea – and Enapter is the only European electrolyser producer taking part. 

Just a reminder: If you want to get one of the first megawatt-scale AEM Electrolysers, make sure you request your obligation-free budgetary quotation today! 

Looking beyond hydrogen colours

By now, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of hydrogen colours – a key code of hydrogen hues that tell us about the energy source behind any given H2. But there’s also an emerging understanding that even within each colour, such as the all-important green hydrogen, not everything is equal. Read more in our new blog post! 

Events on the horizon 

In addition to March’s FC Expo in Tokyo and Hannover Messe in April, Enapter’s EL 4.0s will make an appearance at the ISH 2023 trade fair in Frankfurt where our partner Wilo will be exhibiting. 

This year we once again return to RE+ Northeast from February 22-23, where our business representative David will speak about AEM Electrolysers and their applications across sectors for the US market.  

Our co-founders will also be speaking at events as far flung as Paris, Berlin, Canada and Switzerland, so make sure to check out our calendar for all upcoming dates.

New global integration partners

Our integration partners are an essential piece of the decarbonisation puzzle – they’re the ones making turnkey green hydrogen solutions with our electrolysers and we’re happy to announce new partners! 

Joining us are: 
Easy Energy: A Swiss Engineering & Consulting company combining knowledge and experience in the fields of power, heat, gas, hydrogen and special fluids. 

Frako-Term: Our first certified partner in Poland. The company has a strong market position in the fields of power engineering, electrical engineering, superconductivity, cryogenics, and vacuum technology. 

Teksis: This Turkish company aims to develop sustainable and innovative solutions and services in every ring of the hydrogen value chain. 

GAP Energy: Located in Greece, this company is committed to worldwide efforts in finding newer and cleaner ways of energy production in order to bridge the “energy gap” 

From Taiwan we are welcoming three new partners at once: 

YC Synergy: A fuel cell power system solution provider with more than a decade of R&D efforts. 

MTK H2 Power: Providing grid-integration fuel cell solutions using YC Synergy fuel cell modules. 

Hephas Energy: An engineering firm providing hydrogen equipment and fuel cell testing equipment. 

Learn more about these and other partners on our partner page. 

Cleantech for Europe Summit 

Our co-founder Vaitea Cowan was front and centre of the action at the Cleantech for Europe Summit late last month and had some choice words for what Europe needs to do to stay ahead in the cleantech race. 

Her key takeaway in the Cleantech for a new Europe panel: “What Europe needs is more pragmatism and boldness in its approach!” 

You can find Vaitea’s full report on LinkedIn: Part 1 & Part 2

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All our best, 

The Enapter Team