Enapter Chosen as a Finalist of the New Energy Challenge 2018 

By Shell Ventures, YES!Delft, Rockstart!

Oktober 14, 2018

BERLIN, Germany (October 14, 2018); Enapter was chosen to be a finalist from more than 300 entries into the competition which is open to startups from Europe and Israel. It is great recognition for the team to be recognized as one of the most exciting startups working on the future of energy.

From Sunday, October 14, 2018, co-founders Jan-Justus Schmidt and Vaitea Cowan will participate in the Raise the Bar week in the Netherlands. The final pitch will be on Thursday, October 18, in The Hague.

Enapter develops and manufactures Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolysers, the only technology to make small scale, decentralized production of hydrogen gas cost-effective. The unique AEM electrolyser slashes the cost of storing energy in nearly limitless amounts for unlimited time. Enapter’s electrolyser is designed to be a key building block for future energy systems, completely modular and stackable. Enapter also built the Enapter Energy Management System that allows easy integration of electrolysers with fuel cells, storage systems, and other components and sensors of an energy system.

The Enapter electrolysers are used today in off-grid homes, remote telecommunication towers, and industrial onsite production. Enapter enables clean long-term independence and security for energy systems all around the world.

More information here about New Energy Challenge: newenergychallenge.com