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Seasonal green H2 storage for buildings

Milano, Italy

Italy’s Hybitat has developed a stadardised H2-based energy storage system that fits the typical requirements of a private home. Thanks to its modularity, multiple units can be added to scale up storage for buildings with higher power demand, unlocking its use in larger settings like apartment buildings, commercial or public properties. When there’s a surplus of solar power, an AEM EL 4 electrolyser produces onsite green hydrogen for seasonal storage at low pressure; the system has a net H2 storage of 40 kWh at the electrolyser’s outlet pressure of up to 35 bar. The system also contains an Enapter dryer that refines locally produced H2 to 99.999% purity – ideal for later use in its 2.5 kW or 4.0 kW fuel cell. This way the hydrogen can be reconverted to electricity at times when the PV system is not able to deliver sufficient energy. A 5 kWh battery complements the system for short-term energy storage.

Hybitat’s customers can choose from a variety of finishes and customise the system’s housing to integrate it perfectly within its environment.

Seasonal green H2 storage for buildings