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Industrial H2 Pilots at Yanmar Clean Energy Site

Osaka, Japan

Osaka-based Yanmar is a pioneer in diesel engine technology and a global player in manufacturing heavy machinery. Founded in 1912, the Japanese giant is today in the process of transforming their business and a part of this is their Yanmar Clean Energy Site in Okayama, where the group’s subsidiary Yanmar Energy Systems has established a 1,000m² testing centre for clean energy technologies. The facility will carry out testing and technical development of clean energy technology like hydrogen power generation systems and battery storage – and optimise their combined operation.

Clustered in a container, 28 AEM Electrolysers produce onsite green hydrogen. The H2 from the containerised system can then be stored in a 285Nm³ tank at the electrolyser’s outlet pressure of 8 bar. Thanks to Enapter’s dryers, the hydrogen is of fuel cell grade quality. A proprietary battery system acts as a buffer and the operation of the various energy devices can be controlled and optimised via their Y-EMS energy management system based on weather and energy supply-demand conditions.

The hydrogen is used for various testing purposes for devices that are under in-house development: These include a scalable hydrogen fuel cell power generation system that is quiet, emission-free and independent of weather, a hydrogen-mixed combustion engine micro cogeneration system enabling the blend of H2 fuel in city gas, and a CHP with a gas engine capable of generating clean energy with 100% hydrogen.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 14 x EL 2.1
14 x EL 4.0
Dryer 14 x DRY 2.1
Water Tank 2 x WT 2.1
Final delivered pressure 8 bar
Fuel cell capacity 35 kW
Energy Management System Y-EMS
Date of commissioning 2023
Partner Yanmar