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Hydrogen and oxygen-infused water for agriculture

Alkmaar, Netherlands

This Dutch innovation utilises green hydrogen and oxygen to reduce chemical use and increase yield in agriculture. Alkmaar-based Fundamental Systems uses green hydrogen and oxygen-infused water to reduce chemical use and increase yield in agriculture. Their system uses AEM Electrolysers to split water into hydrogen & oxygen, before their forced dilution technology enriches rain or tap water with nanoparticles and dissolved hydrogen & oxygen molecules that can be absorbed directly by plants.
Their system can also enrich water by dissolving other gases and liquids such as CO2, bases and acids, with the intention of reducing oxidative stress and is intended to make plants more resilient to external factors like bacteria, fungi, chemicals or climatic changes.
Using our modular AEM Electrolysers, their skid-mounted system can be used as a standalone device for testing or integrated into existing water systems for production. It requires little floor space, is scalable for individual requirements and offers optional real-time biofeedback to optimise the process. In collaboration with Vivent, Vertify, STOWA and the University of Amsterdam, Fundamental Systems conducted research on tulips, tomato and bell pepper plants over six months and found that treated plants had a higher nutrient index balance, increased photosynthetic activity, more yield per plant in kg and no negative effects.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 4
Dryer 1 x DRY 2.1
Operational since 2024
Partner Fundamental Systems

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