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Green hydrogen industrial power backup

Rome, Italy

Italy’s first industrial green hydrogen energy backup plant has been installed for Rome-based ISAM s.r.l.,a company operating in the field of public and private works contracts and services. To achieve energy autonomy, ISAM first decided to equip itself with a PV system producing more than 80kWp of solar energy with battery energy storage of 20kW.

They then turned to our Italian Certified Partner Simplifhy, choosing their H2-Power cabinet, which integrates hydrogen production and long-term storage with electric cogeneration through fuel cells. Supplied by excess solar energy and purified water, their all-in-one solution produces onsite green hydrogen via Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers.

The H2 can then be stored locally and reconverted to electricity when needed via an 2.5 kW fuel cell. Their system is suitable for outdoor use and comes complete with safety systems as well as a control system with remote connection for maintenance and data collection.

In addition to ISAM’s battery system for short-term renewable energy storage, Simplifhy’s H2-Power cabinet is designed to serve the need to store their local energy production for longer periods and increase energy autonomy. The solution can also be used to ensure energy continuity in remote locations that do not have access to the electricity grid.

Green hydrogen industrial power backup