The Enapter Holiday Reading List

Green hydrogen reads to keep you warm this Christmas break

December 22, 2020

While 2020 was, in many ways, a dreadful year, it’s also brought significant rays of hope. First and foremost, the impact of one global shock has opened the eyes of many to another that’s poised to cause even heavier disruption – the climate crisis.

As our lives were upended in lockdowns, the impossible became possible. Priorities became crystal clear. Moving on from fossil fuels became a question of how soon, not if.

And we’ve kept on working to help make this last transition happen as soon as can be.

Nevertheless, the holidays are upon us, and it’s time to reflect. With many of us headed for a quieter Christmas or holiday period than we’ve ever known, we thought we would share some of the Enapter team’s favourite green hydrogen reads of the year, as well as a few of our own pieces.

This list is as long as this year has felt – but way more fun. Enjoy!

Looking forward to 2021

We know we’re not the only ones looking forward to 2021. Although we make AEM electrolysers, not time machines, here are some green hydrogen developments we recommend looking out for:

Highlights from the year that wasn’t

Given the flood of headlines that washed over us this year, having missed some of the green H2 news from 2020 is definitely a possibility. But it would be a shame, so here we go with a round-up:

  • Hydrogen aircraft takes off
    And not just here in Germany – we were also very happy to see our partner ZeroAvia take to the skies this year; stay tuned for more on this!
  • Ditching the diesel
    Using hydrogen power for microgrids is now more economical than using diesel, and it’s only going to get better with time.
  • NH3 & co. in green
    2020 saw H2-derived fuels gain attention, especially for shipping. One of our partners, Starfire Energy is also taking green ammonia modular.
  • Teammate 100
    On a personal note, we welcomed our 100th employee in August!

Deep dives for silent nights

It’s always possible (and often advisable) to go deeper and deeper into the minutiae and mysteries of green hydrogen. Here are a handful of deep dives guaranteed to keep you busy over the holidays:

  • Good things in threes
    This series provides insights into green hydrogen’s promise, green hydrogen policy and the role big oil can play in the transition. The only thing it lacked was a mention of AEM electrolysers (our door is open anytime the authors would like to chat!).
  • AEM in-depth
    For those wanting the nitty gritty on AEM electrolysers, this research on green hydrogen from anion exchange membrane water electrolysis has tons of useful info. Read on to find out how AEM can challenge PEM electrolysers as the state-of-the-art.
  • Alkaline pretreatment
    Uncovering the Role of Alkaline Pretreatment for Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. A technical but rewarding read on how pretreatment procedures can affect the lifetime and durability of AEM fuel cells – a relatively new field with a lot of developments.
  • Enapter White Paper
    If you’re curious about the company behind this reading list, then don’t miss the Enapter White Paper, which shares both our reason for being and strategic approach to scaling up green hydrogen technology.

The wild cards

As the hydrogen transition picks up pace, we’re seeing more and more bold and inspiring ideas emerge both in research & development and in trail-blazing applications. Here are a few:

  • Electrolysis on Mars
    A new electrolysis system that can create H2 & O2 from saltwater could prove highly useful for future mars missions – and in marine environments here.
  • Pushing R&D Boundaries
    What on earth does a Scanning Electron Microscope have to do with green hydrogen? Find out here.
  • Balearic hydrogen not Ballermann
    Mallorca gets European funding to kick off a green hydrogen ecosystem, as part of Spain’s recently-announced green hydrogen roadmap.

We send our best wishes for a safe break and time to recharge for a new year filled with action and progress. Thanks for being with us this year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021 to pick up the green hydrogen torch once again.