The Enapter Energy Management Toolkit

Everything needed to integrate any device into a unified energy network

February 1, 2021

Although Enapter is the world leader in AEM electrolysers, we also believe it’s essential to look beyond our hardware and enable people to plan energy management systems that can integrate any device – hydrogen or not – into a unified energy network. Our experience gained in coupling green energy software and hardware led to the development of the intelligent and customisable Enapter Energy Management toolkit, which includes all the solutions needed to effectively manage energy generation, storage and transmission.

Modern electrical components, such as those found in microgrids, green hydrogen systems and other residential and industrial energy projects, generate a great deal of measurement data that show their state and operating parameters. These data are normally used for automatic control of the energy systems.

However, this is where energy system managers face a major challenge: such energy system environments are usually complex and heterogenous, featuring devices from different suppliers and thus data sources in varied formats and structures. Although it’s possible to get all equipment from a single supplier, this isn’t viable or possible with many projects – and it simply shifts the problem to another level for system integrators.

But with Enapter, hardware diversity is welcome.

Our Energy Management Toolkit takes heterogeneity for granted, homogenising and pooling all of the data that comes from disparate measurement systems. The modular hardware and software solution allows users to integrate a wide range of standard devices into a unified energy network and ensure consistent energy management across different energy system components.

Download the Enapter Energy Management brochure here.