A Hydrogen Challenge for All

Build the green hydrogen future with Enapter

March 10, 2021

Green hydrogen is essential for our world’s decarbonisation, that much is clear. And we are energised by its vast number of use cases. But we believe there are so many more to come. That’s why we’re launching Generation Hydrogen to trailblaze with H2 technologies. It’s the rallying call for those wanting to spearhead the most cutting edge of tech development – and its Hydrogen Challenge is where you can unleash the versatility of the green gas.

The goal for this challenge is to design creative devices and systems for hydrogen applications that will power a green energy future. We at Enapter are making decentralised green hydrogen production affordable and accessible. Dropping the cost of green H2 provides an alternative to fossil fuels and will give rise to new green hydrogen applications. We invite everyone to build this future with us by wielding their talents and skills in the Hydrogen Challenge!

The challenge is open to all possible hydrogen applications and all participants on the planet. That’s why we chose GrabCAD as the platform for the challenge. GrabCAD is the largest online community of professional engineers, designers, manufacturers, and STEM students. We believe that the diversity in their skillsets and professional background will broaden society’s perspective on H2 technology. The challenge is to connect the hydrogen industry with brilliant individuals who share the same vision: Staving off climate change with our power to invent.

Green hydrogen wants your crazy ideas

The Hydrogen Challenge is fully virtual. Anyone can submit their designs of hydrogen devices and systems via the GrabCAD platform until April 22, 2021. We encourage participants to go crazy and break down all the boundaries: Any creative H2 applications are welcome, from innovative cooking solutions to new mobility concepts, extreme sport applications, energy storage systems or whatever else you dream up.

Finalists will be invited to present their ideas in front of an audience at the Generation Hydrogen event on May 19, 2021. We will hold an award ceremony with a total prize of 3,000 USD for the four winners. Every participant will also get the chance to build career connections in hydrogen: Ultimately, Enapter is looking for those who feel the urgency to fight climate change and want hands-on agency to solve our crisis. Participating in the Hydrogen Challenge or the Generation Hydrogen event is one way to get noticed and meet us!

On top of this, we’re aiming to generate more curiosity and interest in green hydrogen among the world’s creative thinkers. The Hydrogen Challenge will demonstrate the full potential of green H2 for the development of next-generation technologies. Want to know more? Challenge accepted? Head to the challenge page to find out more and help build the hydrogen future!

To know more about Generation Hydrogen and get the latest updates, register here for the event.

by Jingwen Wang