Area of Application

Our technology is deployed in various applications across the globe. As a manufacturer of electrolysers, we are not integrating the final use cases. This is done by our customers and partners. Here is a small selection of those.


The possibilities for hydrogen applications are endless. Research centres and universities explore the use cases in all energy sectors. A modular electrolyser can help labs to generate hydrogen on-demand.

Application: Enapter's electrolysers generate hydrogen for bioethanol production, bio-methane production, other industrial processes, energy storage at individual and commercial scale.

Use Cases
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Hydrogen-based microgrid energy system

Kharagpur West Bengal, India

solar panels on top of container at outdoor testing site
Testing site for hydrogen supplement in gas network

Canberra, Australia

part of bioreactor
Biocatalytic power-to-methane

Dörentrup, Germany

Hydrogen tanks and AEM electrolyser for university research
Solar-battery-hydrogen microgrid

Chiang Mai, Thailand