Area of Application

Our technology is deployed in various applications across the globe. As a manufacturer of electrolysers, we are not integrating the final use cases. This is done by our customers and partners. Here is a small selection of those.


Methane is widely used to supply energy needs globally and so an expensive methane gas infrastructure has been built up. Using renewable electricity to produce hydrogen and combining it with CO₂ (captured from the atmosphere) allows for producing CH4 or renewable methane. This process called Power-to-Gas is considered to have huge potential in providing carbon-neutral fuels for heating, industry, and transport.

Advantages: The current natural gas infrastructure can be used. Seasonal storage is possible. Hydrogen is highly scalable. 

Use Cases
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3 AEM electrolysers stacked on top of each other in a white and green container in Australia
Renewable methane production

Queensland, Australia