Area of Application

Our technology is deployed in various applications across the globe. As a manufacturer of electrolysers, we are not integrating the final use cases. This is done by our customers and partners. Here is a small selection of those.

Mobility Solutions

The hydrogen refueling infrastructure is being developed internationally for cars, trucks, trains, ships, and aviation. Filling up a vehicle running on hydrogen takes only a few minutes, and cold temperatures pose no threat to refueling or fuel cell performance. Mobility is considered a key enabler to the hydrogen economy. Standard and stackable systems enable onsite hydrogen generation for refueling personal vehicles to smaller and also larger applications.

Advantages: On-site green hydrogen generation allows for fuel independence anywhere. Small-to-all refueling needs can be covered. The high energy density of hydrogen is superior to other fuels.

Use Cases
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Hydrogen fuel cell car - Hyperion
Hyperion Motors: Hypercars

Los Angeles, USA

black and white aircraft on runway with mountains in background
Hydrogen aircrafts

United Kingdom

front of two AEM electrolysers inside a mobile hydrogen fuel station with the doors open
Fuel cell drone refueling

Liaocheng, China