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Green H2 production for diverse uses in Brazil

Florianópolis, Brazil

Brasil strives to become a key player in exporting green hydrogen and its derivatives, with the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) launching a related cooperation project with GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation. The project aims to prove the concept of a green H2 production plant powered by PV energy and its use in the production of electricity by a fuel cell. It is designed to be replicated and expanded in any region but especially in the Amazon region where the use of diesel predominates in its remote villages.

Located in the city of Florianópolis and supplied by rainwater plus a local 184 kWp PV system, the UFSC’s Solar Energy and Green Hydrogen Laboratory uses nine of our single-core AEM Electrolysers to produce onsite green hydrogen. Thanks to Enapter’s dryers, the H2 reaches 99.999% purity and can then be stored at 200bar pressure for later use.

In addition to its use in this energy storage system planned and commissioned by our integration partner H2 Core Systems, the UFSC is researching the utilisation of green H2 as a substitute for natural gas and the production of H2 derivatives such as green ammonia.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 9 x EL 2.1
Photovoltaic (PV) 184 kWp
Fuel cell 8 kW (2x Intelligent Energy IE-POWER 4)
Dryer 2 x DRY 2.1
Energy management system Enapter EMS Toolkit
Operational since 2023
Partner H2 Core Systems

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